Backpacker vs. Glampacker

There are many kinds of travelers, however, there are two most common and noticeable ones. No matter what the nature of their trip is - voluntourism, work-related, or simply trying to escape the mundane cycle of life, travelers can be categorized into two simple types. Some love to conquer and discover new world as an integral part of their lifestyle, while others revel in the luxuries and relaxation of travel every now and then. Find out where you belong:
  • Low-cost, independent traveler; adventurer
  • Careful budgeting should be observed
  • Prefers public transportation, walking, budget airfares, and other cheap transit alternatives
  • Used to staying in hostels, homestays, camps, or sharing rooms or amenities with other backpackers
  • Casually dressed while toting a backpack, thus their namesake
  • Sacrifices comfort over hands-on experience and adventure most of the time
  • Focuses on immersion, exploration, discovery
  • Sudden change of plans and spontaneity are not a problem
  • Acquire valuable travel and life skills through the trip
  • Often tourists
  • More spending involved
  • Favor hotels and luxury accommodations
  • Car or other transport rentals
  • Go on pre-planned tour; usually with groups
  • Carrying extra luggage and dressed stylishly
  • Focuses more on recreation and relaxation
  • Travel itinerary is either set to a tight schedule or no schedule at all
  • Pre-planned trips may feel a little repetitive and restricted
  • Alternate tours and itineraries are always at the ready in case of travel mishaps
  • Travel comfort and convenience is often top priority
Despite their contrasting approaches in carrying out their travels, these travelers still get along because of their shared passion for fun, discovery, meeting new people, and travel in general.

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