Global News: Chiang Mai's Elephants, Holidays in Europe, and more!

Chiang Mai’s Beloved Elephants
Bangkok, Thailand is one of the biggest tourist destinations out there right now. But it's not only the tasty food, the ancient temples, or the friendly locals that draw the crowd’s attention. The adorable and gentle elephants are also a big reason to check this country out! You can find them in the very Chiang Mai Elephant
Holiday Getaways in Europe
Looking for a great place to hold your holiday getaway? Fly away to the beautiful continent of Europe and have yourself a merry holiday adventure. Explore the busy markets of the Czech Republic, explore the enchanting Amsterdam , and explore the grandiose Hungary. All of these places are prime spots to enjoy your holidays, so be sure to grab a ticket while you can!
hongkong at night
Love Knows No Distance
A retired couple planned their 12,000-mile journey from London to Hong Kong via public transportation. The reason behind their travel was to be with their son, who is teaching in at said destination, for his 30th birthday on the 6th of November. Their eight-week travel, which included hopping from train to train, buses, ferris, taxis, and other public transportation, took a year to plan.
manila at night
Manila, Bright and Beautiful for the Holidays
Christmastime in the Philippines is the longest celebrated holiday. With Christmas just a few weeks away, its capital city is beautifully lit up and ready to take your breathe away! Known for being artistic and joyous during this special time of the year, the cities of the metro have prepared exciting attractions which include dancing lights, Christmas light tunnels, bright, colorful, and fully-decorated shopping malls and parks, lively night markets, and more. While in the country during this season, sightseeing tours in Manila are sure to give you the Filipino cheer of the holiday season.