Global News: Fantastic Foodie Spots, 2018 Budget Travels, and more!

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10 Fantastic Foodie Spots Worldwide
People love to rank things, and global food spots are no exception. The world is so big that there are a wide variety of different places you can explore to sate your hunger for both adventure and actual food. From Singapore to Paris, Hong Kong to London, and New York to Tokyo, there are so many respectable and highly praised countries you can find listed down for you to consider visiting on your next gastronomic adventure.
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2018 Travels on a Budget
A new year means a new thirst for travel! But with the high prices of modern living, it can be a big challenge to get your feet off the ground and travel to fresh and exotic places. Fortunately, the world is full of fun and amazing places that you can travel to even with a limited budget. From eye-opening China to the historic Mexico, there is bound to be a country you can work a budget around on.
Eat, shop, and travel in Europe
Holiday Season, the time for sharing and giving, is now upon us! With busy, tight schedules and upcoming travels, it can be quite difficult to enjoy some shopping time before Christmas and New Year. But here’s something fun, why hit two birds with one stone while in a holiday getaway in Europe? Delight in a European experience as you indulge in amazing food, fascinating culture, and charming sights while also enjoying some of this continent’s exciting destinations for shopping!
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Morocco: Snap and Snack
More than just an exotic destination, brimming with life, culture, and history, Morocco is also a foodie’s haven and a photographer’s playground, whether you’re just starting out or a professional. It’s vibrant culinary scene, from market where stalls exude colorful displays of spices, terracotta pots, and fresh goods, to the exotic goodness of its local dish, are sure to entice travelers. Get a taste of and see the highlights of Morocco through the lens on your next adventure!

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