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Top Destination Guide for Morocco
Morocco, located in the North of Africa while bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is a magical place with so many hidden wonders beautiful attractions that many travelers often overlook. A quick guide is all you need to learn about this fantastic vacation destination and be enticed to give it a visit on your next travel opportunity.
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Amazing Contemporary Art Spaces in Southeast Asia
It’s hard to find pieces of art that belong to the here and now of the 21st century without censorship and influenced by politics. Fortunately, some spaces and hangouts in Southeast Asiasuch as the Philippines, still keep the freedom and independence of art alive in these special venues dedicated to it. From studios, garages, and even residences, there are a variety of these places dedicated to keeping the visual arts alive and inspire the next generation of creators.
Cebu Plans Big on Ecotourism after ‘Big 5’ Launch
After launching special eco-friendly tours to a collection of 5 towns that promote nature conservation and cultural heritage, Cebu plans to do even more of this vein of green travels in the future. Plans have been made to train and develop towns in the north of the region to accommodate this trend and give visitors, both local and foreign, a wider array of environmentally conscious destinations.
Shoestring Budget Destinations Around the Globe
Ever dreamed of living somewhere exciting and new without hurting your budget for everyday living? There are a lot of amazing destinations that let people live out in style without taking a huge chunk of their funds. From fantastic places like Malaysia and Thailand who knows what amazing opportunities and changes a new, economically-friendly home can bring.

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