Global News: Philippine Farm Tours, Vegan Travel Guides, and more!

Farms Tours, More fun in PH
The Philippine Department of Tourism is giving guests and travelers the chance to experience the beautiful countryside. From the wide, warm fields to smaller tourist farms, plans are underway to make this form of local tourism a big hit with visitors, including promotional fairs and the search for the agricultural tour ambassadors. The symbol for the venture has already been decided as well, a yellow sun, some fields, water, and a carabao, the local beast of burden. While no big details have been revealed yet officials are confident that these tours will become a memorable experience and a great hit with both foreign and local city-dwelling folk who want to get back to Philippine nature for a little while.
Vegan pasta
Europe Travel Guide for Vegans
Food and travel - the perfect lifestyle combination! And just like the kind of travel one chooses - whether backpacking across Asia or touring to the West, one also has an individual preference when it comes to food lifestyle. Among the widely practiced ones is veganism, which can be quite a challenge to keep up with as a traveler. However, should your next travel aEuropean Tour, look forward to your trip with this list, where you’re sure to delight not only in your destinations’ charms but also in a variety of vegan options on dining (and beauty products too!).
Melbourne: Wellness Destination
What can make travels more meaningful aside from having to give back, create worthwhile memories and stealing unbeatable travel deals? Being able to keep up with your healthy lifestyle while on the go! And Australia’s Melbourne makes for a perfect wellness destination with its organic options on food, drinks, fitness programs and all things strength and wellness. On your next trip to Australia’s next biggest city, chic cafes, yoga studios, and natural beauty shops dotting vibrant streets will surely make you stay longer. Recommended read: Healthy Travel Guide: Melbourne, Australia
Changi Airport
World’s Best Airport Just Gets Better
There’s no stopping Changi Airport from providing outstanding travel experience as it launches the 195,000-square meter Terminal 4. Voted as the world’s best for its fifth consecutive year at the World Airport Awards, the new five-story terminal boasts of nature-inspired theme, being home to over 300 flora species, and is designed with high-tech convenience. The airport’s new terminal sets the bar high for travel experience through modern innovation such as automated and mechanized systems, facial recognition, and robots, thus only running with minimal airport staff. And with over 80 shops, dining options, spa, live theater production, passengers can look forward to a more authentic Singapore experience.

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