Travel Tips: Here Come the Winter Games!

Winter Olympics
If you’re a big fan of the Winter Olympics or just snowy sports, then you’ll need to set yourself up a ticket to 2018’s Winter Olympics. These games are the most well-known wintertime sports event of the year! Athletes from all over the world come together to compete in these high-profile events to bring glory and honor back to their respective countries.
Where will it be held?
PyeongChang, South Korea will be the location of next year’s chilly sports event. It is to the east of Seoul and takes a 90-minute train ride to get there from the country’s capital. This will technically be South Korea’s second time hosting an Olympic tournament, the first being the 1988 Olympic Summer Games.
Winter Olympics
When will the games happen?
The Game’s opening ceremonies will start on February 9, Friday while the one for closing will be on February 25, Sunday. People will definitely be able to catch the different events, but for snowy sports fans, being up close and personal to all the action is definitely a must. It’ll especially be exciting with new events being added to the roster of games: Big air snowboarding and freestyle skiing on the snowy slopes while ice categories will be adding mass start speed skating and mixed doubles curling.
Winter Olympics
102 medals await only the most skilled and determined of these athletic women and men, all vying to take the no. 1 spot in their respective categories. Even with the chilly weather, onlookers will definitely see the games heat up with passion, drama, and fantastic sportsmanship!

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