Holiday Destinations for December

It’s that time of the year again when excitement fills the air! Are you still trying to figure where to spend the year-end holidays? We’ve put together a list and some new exciting ideas to help you sort out your plans for that December getaway.
Whether it’s the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower in France, the world’s favorite Christmas markets in Germany and Austria, Rome’s enchanting wonders, the picturesque Alps surrounding the ski wonderland that is Italy, and the holiday festivities of Amsterdam, Europe is sure to take you on a magical holiday. If it’s variety you’re after, the quaint villages, grand chateaus, magical palaces, sunny coastlines, charming river cruises, cultural celebrations, and many other surprises await you in this grand continent.
If you’re looking to having a wintry getaway in Asia, Japan is a great choice (apart from South Korea). Tourists are not only drawn to its natural landscapes but the heavy snowfall during the winter makes Japan a favorite destination among outdoor enthusiasts. Hokkaido’s Niseko, popular for its powdery snow, is a big deal among skiers. The World Heritage Site - Shirakawa-go in Chubu, is a fascinating Christmas attraction with traditional houses illuminating amidst the snow-clad village. Despite the cold season, a must-try while in Japan is a visit to the hot spring villages where a relaxing dip wouldn’t hurt will arm you straight away.
lake tahoe
United States
You could be basking in Florida’s sandy beaches, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, skiing in Utah’s backyard playground - snow-clad mountains, or simply snuggling in front of the fireplace in one of Yosemite or Lake Tahoe’s pretty cabin lodges. Should you wish to celebrate this season in the US with a bit of a twist, you’re sure to find one that will make this year’s holiday a memorable one.
Away from the mainstream. Doesn’t an exotic escape to the magical world of Morocco sound like a wonderful idea for the holidays? Forget the cold, and bask in the fairly mild weather of this North African country. Immerse yourself in a place that boasts of deep culture, jaw-dropping attractions - from desert villages, palaces, historic mosques, towering mountains to vibrant marketplaces, unique eats, and amazingly warm locals. This year’s celebration will definitely feel different if you give this Moroccan adventure a go.
While on one side of the world, places are beautifully transforming into the classic white Christmas, on the other side, like in the Land Down Under, kicks its summer season into high gear. Why not delight in the warmth of the bright and beautiful seaside or enjoy a picnic at the park on a fine day for a change this Yuletide Season? Look forward to a warm-weather holiday - barbecuing shrimps (apparently, a seasonal favorite) while sipping cool drinks by the shore.
You could be cruising the waters of Mexico, exploring the wilderness of Africa or simply longing to get a taste of home with family. To some, it’s time for rest, for others, it’s all about travel, and to some, it’s all about traditions. But whatever way you wish to carry out the festivities of the season, it is important to keep in mind and heart the true essence of this holiday.

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