Mango Stories: Skiing


A recreational activity, a winter sport or means of transportation where a person uses skis - a pair of long, flat, narrow piece of hard, flexible material with its front curved upward with fixed-heel bindings, to glide over snow.
Types of Skiing
There are mostly three (3) categories of skiing: the Alpine, Extreme, and Nordic. The popular Alpine is commonly known as downhill skiing. These are usually popular in ski resorts where ski lifts take skiers atop mountains then finally enjoying a slide down the usually groomed run for recreational skiing.
The Extreme, as the name implies, is a category reserved for professionals and well-trained enthusiasts. The category often includes steep slopes which can be risky for untrained skiers. But with risk comes a great amount of excitement that draws thrill-seeking snow-skaters to slopes angled at 45 to 60+ degrees.
The Nordic category includes cross-country skiing and ski jumps. Sometimes these two events are combined, starting with a cross-country snow adventure before ending with a big a high-speed jump. These may not be as dangerous as extreme, but stamina and endurance are often needed to complete it, making it a lot more difficult compares to the Alpine category.
Where to go for a fun skiing experience?
If you're looking to glide down the snowy slopes in the US, here are few places where you can enjoy a good ski: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon; Squaw Valley, California; Sun Valley, Idaho; Lake Tahoe; Powder Mountain, Utah, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Or maybe just indulge in a white Christmas in some of its amazing outdoors like the Yosemite National Park, But when you're down for a European Experience, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France are the best places to go.

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