Spotlight: Unusual Ways of Spending Thanksgiving

Or should I say Turkey Day?
It’s that time of the year when people make it a point to travel a long way just to celebrate it with family. FACT - Thanksgiving Day is the busiest travel day of the year!
Traditionally, families gather to give thanks for all the accomplishments and blessings - good harvest, really - in the past year. Stuffed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and cornbread are some of the food that you see served normally on this special holiday. BUT, nowadays, people have different ways of spending it.
1. When you’re not from around
If you’re an International student in the states (or Canada) who hasn’t been there for too long, you’ll probably spend it with your fellow students as well. Plan ahead and invite all your campus buds on Turkey Day to each bring a dish and build up your own tasty feast. Might as well call it an “International Potluck Day”.
dine out
2. When you are selfish
If you are someone who lives pretty far on the other side of the country from your family and you’re too lazy to travel, you’re most likely spend it alone or with friends from work who are just as lazy as you are. Skip past the fancy resto and just enjoy a tasty treat for yourself at the nearest dessert place. The most common place of choice to celebrate Thanksgiving? That would be... The Cheesecake Factory... Okay, maybe IHOP… Wherever makes you happy.
3. When you’d rather spend it elsewhere
Maybe you’re someone who likes to travel, maybe to a different country even, just to celebrate it. Since airfare would most likely rise as the holidays draw near, a lot of people are looking for adventures where they know they get a better deal out of it. A lot of outbound flights are likely to go on sale.
4. Lastly, when you just don’t care
If you really don’t celebrate this holiday at all, you’re probably just acknowledging it exists because you get a day off from work. You’re probably somebody who makes it a day for just doing whatever you’ve always wanted to because you never really got the chance to! Just go all out and spend the day however you feel like.
So, I guess what the title of this article should have been - “What Kind of Person Are You on Thanksgiving?” Kidding.
But hey, whichever way you want to spend this holiday, the most important thing is to be thankful for everything at the end of the day. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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