Tips for the Perfect Holiday Present

The question of “What do I get him/her?” has been confusing for gift-givers for many a holiday millennia. Unless you’re closer than two peas in a pod, finding a good gift your designated receiver will actually enjoy can be a confusing riddle to solve. But there are easy ways you can give your loved ones a gift that they will truly appreciate without having to ask directly. Here are some great ideas for you to find praise-worthy presents for the season of giving.
Ask Their Friends
A great way to indirectly discover what kind of gift to get your target is to confide in their closer friends or family. It’s as simple as asking them upfront or sending a text message (if it feels a little too awkward). It definitely helps if you’re familiar with them and have conversed before. Just make sure they can keep a secret or your plans will be busted before they have even begun.
Learn Their Hobbies
The best way to know what to get a person is to know what kind of hobbies or activities they are into. You can easily find out by checking their social media and seeing what new likes and posts floods their page recently. You can just as easily hang out and ask them “what have you been up to recently?” as well. Try to steer the conversations inconspicuously in that direction and you might get some useful details.
Go Window Shopping
Hang out with your target friend or family member a couple of months before the busy holidays and agree to hang out in their favorite stores. Try observing and suggesting a few items while gauging their reaction to each one. Just be sure to have a good alibi as these sudden window shopping trips may raise suspicion, especially when it's close to the holiday season.
Strike a Conversation
Don’t be mistaken. “Conversation” in this instance could mean a lengthy online chat or a few text messages. As mentioned in the previous step, try steering the conversation into the direction you want without being too obvious about it. Try to mask your inquiries as a series of random questions like “any activities you’ve been doing recently?” or try mentioning a recent interest or trend you’re into and ask them if they have anything similar.
gift cash
Gift Cheques or Cash
When all else fails and you’ve got no other choice, giving your target a gift cheque or money is a very common yet safe idea. For younger giftees, an envelope of crisp bills will definitely et them buzzing about what they might be able to use it for. For the older gift-receivers, a gift cheque to a nice restaurant or diverse department store is sure to put a holiday smile on their faces.
There are all kinds of gift-giving traditions out there, both old and maybe even new ones to try, that you might need to prepare for, so it’s good to know how and where to get your loved ones something truly special to make their holidays. While it can take a bit of effort, surprising your friends and family with a gift that makes them ecstatic can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling which can be a reward in and of itself.

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