Attraction Review: Vienna Christmas Town and Market

Christmas in Vienna
The Vienna Christmas Markets are an age-old tradition, appearing annually for people to do a spot of Christmas shopping when the season calls for decorations and other fine Yuletide products. The Christmas market is not as modern as you think it is, though. As early as the middle ages, around 1892, Vienna would hold a "Krippenmarkt" or December Market.
During this time of year, when the days are gloomier and the chill spreads through the air, the warm-looking lights and delicious smells of the cakes and sweets only available for the season. It is set up in front of City Hall, where a portion of the ground floor will often have an area for little kids to bake cookies or make candles.
Christmas in Vienna
Aside from the seasonal markets, there are also Christmas villages, places that are so into the Christmas spirit that the houses are fully decked in lights and decorations. You can truly feel the atmosphere of an idyllic Christmas time across the beautifully decked out houses all over the place.
Aside from Vienna, there are other interesting Christmas attractions to see when in Europe that will surely sweep you off your feet.
Christmas in Vienna

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