Exploring Bicol

Bicol is a charming region of the Philippines that has such a wondrous countryside feel. With fresh air, beautiful beaches, and some of the most interesting attractions, you’re sure to enjoy an escape here.
cagsawa ruins
Why not catch your breath with a history lesson at the Cagsawa Ruins, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Albay! This ancient church has stood the test of both time and Mayon’s lahar, still standing to this day.
daraga church
Another structure in Bicol is the Daraga Church, the region’s crowning glory of religious architecture. This hilltop church holds deep history within its simple yet well-preserved walls.
lignon hill
lignon hill
Next, hop over to Ligñon Hill, a great place to catch a breathtaking view. It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy a cool breeze while exploring the different activities available.
A little tired from your journey? A room at the cozy Misibis Bay resort is a great way to end your day! It’s got all kinds of facilities and different watersports, with paddle boarding and jet skiing to name a few.
misibis bay
misibis bay
misibis bay
Next on our list is the ever famous, still-active, Mayon Volcano, known for the perfect shape of its cone. ATV riders can traverse the rough terrain of the rocky Hilltop area to catch a glimpse of it.
mayon volcano
A guide will accompany you to ensure your safety as you rev to the top then take you on a refreshing run through smooth roads going down.
Close to Misibis is the Caragay Eco Park where you can ride to interesting places like a beautiful chapel perfect for weddings. There’s also the Amphitheatre, a romantic, rocky, stage-like area where you and your gang can go photo-crazy!
chapel at cagraray eco park
amphitheatre at cagraray eco park
Every adventure in this calming region of the Philippines is a different journey for each traveler. Where will your Bicol trip lead you?
Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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