Global News: 2017 Most Visited Places, Australia Group Travels, and more!

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Let’s hit the Land Down Under
You could be a solo traveler who has been to different destinations across the world, but you could also be going to a place you’ve explored before and wishes to go back with family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with traveling to the same destination twice because it could be experienced better with a group like Australia! Apart from group trips can be less expensive, there’s no better feeling than having to share the joy and memories of travel adventures, so head on over to Cairns where the fascinating outdoors promise you and your travel buddies an exciting and memorable journey.
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Recap: Top Travel Destinations of 2017
From the many travel bans and natural occurrences (earthquakes and wildfires) to new airline fleet and unforgettable travel mishaps, this year is nothing but a rollercoaster for the travel industry. Everyone has their own travel goals and dream destinations - from the Twin Towers of Malaysia, the breathtaking skyline of Hong Kong, or Seoul’s fascinating temples, so basically there’s A LOT that has been going about in the travel industry. Here’s a look back at the places everyone had been putting on their bucket list and are excited about
Worst Travelers Mishaps for 2017
There are two kinds of travelers out there in the world: The good kind and the bad kind. A good traveler knows how to respect the nature, avoid touching expensive displays, treat animals with care, etc. Unfortunately, for every responsible traveler, there is a disrespectful and pigheaded tourist who openly disobeys rules and mindlessly destroys or disrespects monuments and displays for their own pleasure. Maybe it's time to self-reflect and review your travel habits to see just how proper a tourist you actually are.
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Travel Trends to Trash
Travel trends can help expand a traveler’s experiences while journeying outside in the world. Unfortunately, not all trends are made equal as some of them do more harm than any actual good to both the person in question and the people around them, either fellow travelers or to the locals. From inhumane tiger tourism to begpacking in the streets of first world countries to fund your travels, these are the items we need to slowly push off the popularity list for the sake of good travels and journeys that can make a difference. Let’s start 2018 off right with some enticing and interesting trends that won’t be a hindrance to the rest of the world.