Global News: 2017 Year in Review PH Travel, Daily Flights to Cape Town, and more!

2017: Year in Review PH Travel
With so many wonderful places that make the Philippine island archipelago, naming the top favorite destination can be quite a challenge. But before the year comes to an end, we look into the list of the much-loved and most-visited spots in the country. Our top three picks are CebuPalawan, and Bohol. Do you think we got ‘em right?
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cape town
Everyday to Cape Town
If you’re thinking of a great adventure to kickstart your travels for 2018, how about starting off with a relaxed vacation in Singapore then continuing a Safari adventure in South Africa? Your dreams of experiencing the wildlife will now become a reality as Singapore Airlines will start operating daily flights starting next year to South Africa’s Cape Town via Johannesburg.
Asia Rules
Apart from its diverse and rich culture, traveling across Asia (particularly Southeast Asian countries), has long been a favorite adventure among adventure-seekers and tourists. Given that tour packages can be quite cheaper compared to those from the West, what makes the world’s biggest continent a major draw especially this holiday season?
2018 Travels: Where to Next
Ready your luggage, passports, wallets, and travel journal! The year 2018 has a lot in store for everyone - globetrotter or not. From places awaiting to celebrate another milestone to official hosts of global sporting events and historical and cultural hotspots - there’s just a lot to be excited about. Who knows, maybe the magical Morocco will join South Korea’s Pyeongchang in the list of the top recommended places in the coming year! As countries continue to ramp up efforts in promoting their tourism industry through various strategies (like sustainable development, social responsibility, religious, cultural and historical activities/celebrations), more and more destinations arise. But of course, designing a well-planned adventure means being in the lookout for grabbing affordable packages and airfares. Jot down your travel goals for next year and don’t miss out next year’s irresistible deals.

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