Mango Beat: 5 Safe Ways to Welcome The New Year

by Martin Ita-as
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New Year celebration
Firecrackers and certain explosive fireworks may make the biggest bangs to ring in the new year, but they also have the potential to harm the people who handle them if something goes wrong. It was always believed that the light and noise from the fireworks would scare away evil spirits, but nowadays the lights and sounds are all just for fun and celebration. So how do we safely welcome a new batch of 365 days? Here are some alternatives to explosive fireworks and crazy partying if you aim to make the celebration memorable.
musical instrument
Blow a loud horn
Airhorns. Car horns. Bugles. Any horns you can get your hands on to make noise are safe and loud enough to warrant a safer new year. You can also alternatively fill an empty container made of plastic or wood with a few coins to make a loud and jangly makeshift maraca.
Wear protective gear
If you insist on playing with fire(works), make sure you’ve got the proper gear to protect you while handling them. Wear gloves to avoid getting explosive powder and burns on your hands. Wear a helmet to avoid getting hit on the head if you fire rockets into the sky. Wear a face mask to avoid breathing noxious fumes.
Non-explosive fireworks
While firecrackers may be off limits, check online to see if there are other types of fireworks that are recommended as safe to use. Sparklers and roman candles are a few examples of safe, non-explosive fireworks you can play with. But just because it’s safer, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a first aid kit or a bucket of water close by just in case.
Watch a coordinated show
If setting off fireworks isn’t something you’re into, you can always search the net for light shows, displays or fireworks contests to check out and enjoy right when the new year officially starts. Some big monuments like bridges or towers or large seaside areas will often schedule such events to really pump up the crowd when the clock strikes 12.
Have a big feast
Leave the loud sounds and bright lights on the outside and bring friends and family into your home for a quiet, enjoyable meal. If you can’t cook a big feast by yourself, you can always make it a potluck and ask your friends to contribute to the meal several days prior so they have time to prepare. Liven it up with a theme and a few decorations that allude to this: Stars and planets for a space party, tinsel and gold paper for a shiny theme, and maybe a few flowers and branches to help bring out a nature motif.
There are so many ways to make the coming of a new year fun without having to lose a few limbs or ending up drunk. Try to keep your year-end celebration safe and responsible so you can jump into the new year with nothing but fond memories.

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