Philippines From Above

Sometimes we’ve got to think outside the box and see the bigger and better picture. You’d be surprised how breathtaking some of the Philippines’ attractions are when seen from an aerial view. Let’s go on an eye-opening island tour from above.
el nido
Towering limestone cliffs, stunning lagoons, lakes, and pristine white sand beaches make Palawan one of the archipelago’s most visited islands. Fly over the fantastic sights and get an eye-full of the natural beauty.
Glide along the jade green waters flows alongside verdant forests in the Loboc River in Bohol
loboc river bohol
Whether a rich brown in the summer or vibrtant green in the rainy season, the Bohol Chocolate Hills is indeed a sight to behold.
chocolate hills
Bask in the tropical sun along the world-favorite strip of white sand beaches on Boracay Island.
Wanderlust at the famed sandbar in the White Island of Camiguin.
The Amphitheatre at the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park in Cagraray, Albay, Bicol is breathtaking when seen from afar, especially with its stunning backdrop.
amphitheatre bicol
Irresistibly cool turquoise-blue waters of Kawasan Falls in Cebu
kawasan falls
The nerve-inducing yet fascinating waters of the Cagayan River in Cagayan De Oro
cagayan de oro
We’ve just given you 8 fascinating reasons to come and see the Philippines. there’s definitely more to discover and experience in this paradise. Are you ready to see the rest?
Until next time, enjoy your travels!

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