Snowy Yuletide vs. Tropical Christmas

Sand or snow for a Christmas holiday trip? We give you two great ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year and the great things about each one.
  • If you live in a country that’s filled with chill weather late in the year, then an escape to the tropical isles can be an exciting new change in tradition. Forget snowmen or snowball fights this year and instead build castles, island hop, or bury yourself in the warm sands in a tropical destination.
  • Since you’ll only be needing swimsuits, beach slippers, and towels, do away with all the heavy luggage by leaving jackets, scarves, boots, and coats at home to save money on additional check-in luggage.
  • While in some countries summer is all-year-round, most are traveling to snowy destinations. This is a great opportunity to enjoy booking cheaper fares to places where it’s almost always summer.
banana boat
  • Christmastime, to some, can get quite stressful than fun. With all the shopping, dinner parties, holiday crowds in markets and shopping malls, and gift-giving in your hometown, trading the snow for sand this holiday season could be a great idea.
  • Because white Christmas happens only once a year compared as compared to the repetitive summertime, a trip to the snowy slopes sounds just about right for a seasonal getaway.
  • Trade sand shovel and buckets for snow shovels and to building your very own snowman, the ultimate symbol of the winter season. Indulge in the fun and traditional winter pastimes like making your own snow angel, sliding along snow-clad mountains, and savoring a hot chocolate drink after a chilly day.
  • The whole world is enveloped in the spirit of Christmas during this time, so nothing beats seeking out all things merry and bright in Christmas markets where they are well-known for traditional food and drinks, trinkets, festive decorations, and exciting activities!
christmas market
  • White sand beaches, islands, and cool turquoise waters of tropical countries in southeast Asia are undeniably scenic. However, the beauty of vibrant Christmas markets, colorful lights display in villages, and of course snow-capped mountains in the charming countries of the west don’t just captivate the eyes but also your heart. Definitely snap-worthy!
The wonderful thing about having to spend Christmas in a new place is being able to experience the culture of your destination. To travel means to leave your comfort zone and celebrating the Yule in a different way is an exciting break away from your typical traditions. But change also brings excitement and can give you new, memorable experiences. Whether or not you wish to be in beautiful sandy beaches or a magical winter wonderland, the spirit of Christmas is within everyone - spreading the joy and the warmth of the season.

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