Year-end Top Picks

The Philippines has 7,641 islands waiting to be seen and experienced by every traveler and tourist. With There’s no end to that must-visit list which also means endless island adventures while in this tropical country. Before the year ends, we share to you some of this archipelago’s island holiday destinations that got everyone talking about:
Tagaytay and Baguio
Summer or not, these two have become favorite destinations. Sitting at 1500 meters above sea level at the vast mountains of the Benguet in Northern Luzon, the misty mornings and chilly nights of Baguio offers a different kind of cool to those who wish to getaway from the sun and sands of this tropical country. A 5-hour drive up north to the Cordillera Region may seem a long one, but its vast farms, fresh local eats, pine trees, lovely parks and the strawberry taho are worth it. But if it’s simply a quick escape from the hectic Metro Manila and into the cool, then an hour drive to Tagaytay’s highlands is all that it takes! With a few degrees cooler on the average, these places offer a great way to cool off when in the archipelago.
kawasan falls
There’s more to Cebu than the grand and festive Sinulog Festival, the deliciously good sweet mangoes (and dried mangoes!) and the lip-smacking lechon (roasted suckling pig)! While its vibrant city is a perfect destination for travelers who are urban lovers, heading down south to places with unparalleled beauty that offer fascinating experience like the Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island, Kalanggaman Island, the Kawasan Falls, and more.
Nothing beats the first love! Boracay Island has long kept its spot as one of the world's most loved beach destinations. Digging the toes into the fine, white sands and dipping into its cool, blue waters will surely have anyone coming back for more of the island life experience.
The popular strip of White Beach’s Station 1 , 2, and 3 may have won the hearts of many beach lovers or not, but Diniwid Beach, Bulabog, Puka and the rest of Boracay’s other side offer a different kind of island experience.
white island
This island province situated in the Bohol Sea is already a gem to behold. However, with the launch of Camiguin’s new tourism promotional video – No Words, it may have earned a spot in every bucket list of those looking to explore the Philippine archipelago. The Sunken Cemetery, which has long been a well-known landmark in this island province, is joined by other must-see attractions. #FeelCamiguin through the breathtaking sights of Mt. Hibuk-Hibok, Mt. Vulcan, White Island, Old Catarman Church Ruins, several beautiful cold springs and waterfalls, and not to mention the fun that the biggest crowd-drawing Lanzones Festival brings. Indeed, Camiguin is a destination that many will be seeing more in the new year.
Who will ever miss forget Palawan - voted (second year in a row) as World’s Best Island? From the Underground River in Puerto Princesa named as UNESCO World Heritage Site and some of the world’s leading scuba-diving spots in Coron, to El Nido’s Pangulasian Island earning the title of Readers’ Choice Awards as Top Resort in Asia? With its eco-friendly management, warm locals, breathtaking sights, and passion to preserve mother nature, no doubt this archipelagic province has secured its position in the limelight of global travel and tourism and truly worthy of recognition (and a place in every list – bucket or not)!
This year may be over but these places – some making waves in the travel industry, others have stood the test of time, continue to await every wandering sole. While you may or may not have set foot on some of these islands, the wonders of the Philippines will always promise great adventures. Start listing your 2018 travel goals and why not kickstart the new year with a fun trip where it's always summer, right?

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