5 Must-Haves for Travel Photography

Don’t get left behind! Capture the best moments of your adventure like a pro. We’ve gathered the best tips for the travel photographer in you, as recommended by some of the popular video influencers, travel vloggers of today’s generation.
1. Camera (action, drone, compact digital, DSLRs, etc.)
If we’re going to talk about a compact, practical, and multi-functional camera, your nothing beats a smartphone. In today’s day and age, it’s almost every traveler’s basic necessity including one that’s designed with impressive camera features. To cut this short, your smartphone camera is a great option for capturing your adventures. However what you use will also depend on the nature of your travel. Are you going on a hike or scuba diving? An action cam fits outdoor trips just right. If you’re just having a laid-back walking tour on the streets of Paris, then a compact digital camera (maybe the bigger ones too like DSLRs) with a flip screen is good enough for vlogging and some point-and-shoot moments as mentioned by Benjie and Sean of the Video Influencers. But if you plan on going big and completely making the most out of your trip by capturing everything you can like those of Christian LeBlanc’s vlogs, it’s the drone camera that will give you just that:
2. On-the-go flash drive or USB and extra memory cards
You realize you got all the footage that you need and more, but something that’s worthy of documenting comes up and there’s no way you’re not getting a footage. No matter how big your smartphone’s storage space or your camera’s memory card is, it’s always best to backup your files by the end of the day or even on a short break while traveling. An on-the-go (OTG) flash drive or USB connect to almost every device (laptop, tablets, printer, etc.), allowing file transfers without hassle. It’s never fun losing all your photos and videos or not being able to capture amazing sights and moments because of unexpected storage issues. Make sure to pack one or two never know when or who will need some extra storage.
camera bag
3. Camera/gadget bag
It is vital to secure all your gadgets in one place that can accommodate more than the things you’re bringing. Whether it’s a backpack, shoulder, or roller bag, it will depend on what kind you’re comfortable with and how much you’re going to take with you on a trip. If you’re a full-time traveler, travel blogger or travel journalist like Garrett Gee of the Bucket List Family, who brings all of his gadgets everywhere with him, keeping your “toys” protected is a top priority while on the move. Consider one with compartments and pockets (anti-theft/secret pocket features) for quick access to the basic stuff you need, fits your budget, and since you could be hauling A LOT, offers utmost convenience.
4. Accessories
These could mean a lot of the things that can help you and your camera in achieving an amazing footage. Tripod for stability, and of course, your “personal photographer” on a solo travel. Clamp and mounts which hold your camera, usually the action camera, at a practically convenient and ideal position - could be attached to a branch of the tree, onto handlebars, or on the side of the car. Using stabilizers, such as gimbals, creates footages without blur or shake while moving (and even when running)! The advantage however of owning a DSLR is that interchanging lenses offer a wider range of photograph opportunities since there is a different lens for every situation - wide, zoom, macro, fish-eye, the list goes on.
5. Pack extra battery, power banks, chargers
Because with all the trial and error in taking photographs and videos and doing edits on your phone, laptop, or tablets, you need to extend the life of your device while still on the move. When you pack extra batteries for your camera, you don’t have to worry about saving the last 20% of battery life. If you’re using a smartphone, it is important to always have enough battery life because above anything else, it’s your best means of communication. Keep snapping, keep the camera rolling, apply and play around with new edits on photos or video the very moment you thought of it, the things you can do are endless when you’re always packed with extra battery life or something that will help you load up more power to your device. As for power banks, don’t forget to recharge them when you get the chance.
Remember, it’s wise to always stick to your budget because it’s not always about having the best gadget or many accessories. To be able to achieve a great photo from your journeys, make the most of what you have. Take time to practice and experiment different styles, because you’ll probably have a dozen unsatisfying snapshots before getting the one you want. Having photos and videos gives you something to look back to, but never forget to live in the moment of your adventures as well.