Attraction Review: Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte

Paoay Church
The construction of the Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte, one of the country's most beautiful and oldest churches began in 1690 by Augustinian friar Antonio Estavillo. Completed in 1710, this historic structure is among the country's finest examples of baroque architecture with distinct features - from the facade and walls, to its bell tower and striking buttresses. Also known as San Agustin Church, the Paoay Church is a reinterpretation of Baroque style through the use of local materials and a touch of local Philippine craftsmanship. A Northern Luzon journey across this region will take you to this world famous attraction for a stop.
Paoay Church
With its pyramidal finials of wall facades, separate bell tower, and huge, thick buttresses at the back and sides of the structure and extending from the exterior walls providing strong support and protection against natural calamities, are features of a unique architectural style regarded as the Earthquake Baroque by Alicia Coseteng. Made from coral stones and bricks, the fascinating structure is a beauty that displays not only the baroque style but also with a fusion of Gothic and oriental.
  • Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Baroque Churches of the Philippines), 1993
  • National Cultural Treasure, 1993