Cold and Warm Season Travels

Sometimes even if you're a fan of the many beautiful beaches of the tropical isles and the glory of summer or you just can't get enough of the winter wonderland, there are moments you'd want something different. Here are (awesome) points to consider when looking forward to a holiday far different from your usual.
packing luggage
  • Vanilla shake, fruit shake, or milkshake, any shake or a good iced tea work great in this season
  • Tons of fun, exciting activities under the sun!
  • Lightweight clothes - no layers or any baggy outfits
  • Sunbathing - chance to get a healthy tan!
  • Cool and sparkling waters call you for a refreshing dip
  • Summer treats - tropical fruits and, of course, ice cream, taste so much better
  • Summer festivals, bar crawl, games, and sports (baseball, football, etc.)
  • A chance to really go out and enjoy the outdoors - road trip season, strolls in the park or at farmers' markets, camping, and a lot more!

  • Hot cup of coffee, choco drinks (plus cookies!), and beers
  • Pumpkin soup, chowder soup, as long as it's a hearty bowl of warm soup
  • The comfort of staying indoors in your own home
  • Fireplaces - because, hey, not only that it looks nostalgic for some reason, it actually feels good to indulge in the warmth of the cold season
  • Pajamas and sweatpants, sweatshirts, beanie hats, scarves, and coats - fashionable season!
winter outfit
  • Sauna, steam, and hot showers are more appreciated
  • Whether or not it's Christmas season, there's SNOW.
snow activity
  • Which means, snowball fights, skiing, or anything that involves having a great time without having to break a sweat
  • Vibrant holiday markets and charming views of winter villages
  • Concerts, ice hockey games, staycations, and winter events
(because, of course, they still do share few things every traveler will enjoy regardless of the season)
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In the end, it's always your preference that matters. Whether or not you plan on taking your typical holiday to an island or amidst the beautiful land of snow, it's always best to know what you want - whether it’s for the seasonal culinary delights, events, activities, or simply the joy of immersing yourself in the destination and your much-loved season.