Global News: Taipei Street food, Improving Singapore's Top Airport, and more!

taipei streetfood
Taipei’s Streetfood Scene
Nothing says “exotic flavors and textures” like the dishes of Asia. If you want some of the most savory treats, Taipei is definitely worth a visit or two! Their streetfoods are some of the best in Asia, attracting droves of people just for a taste. From the tongue tickling flavors of Xiao long bao, dumplings filled with piping hot soup, to stinky tofu, which tastes a lot better than it smells. Tourists will definitely discover a treasure trove of satisfying foods they’ll never be able to get enough of!
improving changi airport
Improving Singapore’s Best Airport
Garnering the title of World’s Best Airport, it seems like Singapore’s Changi Airport isn’t ready to let go of the title anytime soon. Some new upgrades and renovations are underway to make the renowned airport, even more, accommodating for all kinds of travelers. A dome facade covered with around 9,600 glass pieces will feature gardens and mazes to give the already fresh atmosphere an even greener vibe. With its sparkling gem-like appearance, it has been aptly named the Jewel Changi. Expect these new facilities to be open to the public around early 2019.
flying like royalty
Flying Like Royalty
With Meghan Markle marrying into the British Royal Family, she’ll be expected to fly alongside her husband, Prince Harry, to all sorts of royal events across the world. This brings to light one of the biggest questions travelers have: What is traveling like the Royal Family like? As expected of people with such elite statuses, flying for the royals is an enchanting experience with all kinds of amazing perks when flying around their native Europe to other countries across the globe. When visiting countries as representatives of Britain, the host destination often goes out its way and pays for all of their traveling needs and accommodations. They also never leave without an entourage of bodyguards and professionals. Those are just two of the many perks traveling like royalty can get you if you’re lucky enough to join their inner circle.
2018 friday sunday
2018: Keep an Eye on Fridays and Sundays
In a recent joint report by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), it was discovered in the recent flight data that Sundays and Fridays may be the best times to book flightsfor the year 2018! The study states that a few different factors point out that these two dates are ideal for going online and booking that much-awaited journey you may have been looking forward to.