Hand-carry Bag Types

The proper travel bag is a necessity for any good traveler, especially for hand-carry items. Different people can prefer different bags, but each bag type has its own specialty. If you’re wondering which bag will work for you during your next trip, we give a few descriptions and opinion on which one you might like to bring along the next time you go adventuring.
tote bag
Tote Bags
Tote bags are very casual carriers that are easy to open and very accessible. They are often made of cloth or canvas, but they can also be fashioned out of leather or extra sturdiness. Totes usually have openings that lack fasteners, but some may have velcro or even a zipper to make it less likely to open on its own. These are great for when you want to get at your things with minimal fuss, but it's not exactly the most secure of bags in this list, either.
duffel bag
Duffel Bag
Usually carried around by the sporty-types, most anybody can use it, especially when you’re traveling. It is definitely a spacious hand-carry that can handle a lot of items, but it's often cylindrically shaped, making it difficult to pack items like books or a laptop. It is usually packed with only soft things like clothes, towels, and other cloth items which can easily be fit inside.
This bag is the most versatile in the list, with a shape that’s capable of picking a variety of items and multiple pockets so you can organize your belongings by category or size. The two shoulder straps can make carrying it around feel stable and secure and its generally easy to store away when you don’t need to carry it for a while. With all that space and accessibility, though, you may end up either overpacking or underpacking in a lot of cases.
Mostly for women due to their feminine and fashionable nature. The purse or handbag was made more so for style than it is for utility.They are often compact bags with a variety of shapes, textures, styles, and materials. These are made mostly of small, easy-to-get items like handkerchiefs, mints, makeup, and any other tiny things you might wish to carry with you. It’s definitely a lot easier and lighter to bring with you as opposed to the other bags on this list. Unfortunately, due to their “fashion over function” quality, you might find yourself stuffing more of your things inside your luggage.
shoulder  bag
Shoulder Bag
This one-strap, over-the-shoulder bag can vary in size, shape and style but are generally a lot more spacious than the typical purse.These bags are often made of sturdy cloth or leather and are great alternative for backpack users. Much like the Duffel bag, however, their square shape can often limit the items that can be packed inside. Their range of pockets and pouches can make it a very versatile hand-carry
The bag can often make the traveler as the type you carry can determine both your preferences in travel and your personality. Choose the kind of bag that feels right for your lifestyle and needs.