How to Research your Destination

So you’ve got a fun and exotic destination in mind for your next big vacation. The beaches look great, people have been saying good things about it, and you think you’re ready to tackle this magical place. Unfortunately, prepping for a global adventure to a new land is more than just admiring postcards and posters. Doing hard research can pay off for the savvy adventurer, and we give you the basics of what to do.

1. Do a fuzzy search on your favorite search engine and gather as much basic info about the country in general. It pays to check from reliable sites like Tourism webpages or travel encyclopedias.

2. Check travel bloggers, especially those who have a fun and easy-to-follow writing format with clear photos. Getting travel advice and visuals from people who have actually experienced it firsthand can be a great way to get a feel for your destination.

3. Research taboo customs as certain countries may deem certain products and actions as “unsavory”. From public displays of affection to doing certain gestures to eating certain types of foods, you never know who you might offend in a foreign land if you aren’t careful.

4. Take note of attractions you might want to visit while there. You can easily streamline your travel itinerary by learning about the must-see places and must try things. Look through travel blogs and see which destinations are worth your time, making note of their which destinations are worth your time, making note of their opening