How to Streamline your Airport Experience

One of the most annoying things about airports is the long lines. From check-in counters to bag checking lines, there is a lot of waiting involved. But there are a lot of little ways you can shorten your line time when it comes to getting through all of these little security and checking stops. Make sure to do these every time you have an upcoming plane trip to make sure you pass all the gates quickly and efficiently.
Bag arrangement
Making sure know what kind of bags you’ll be bringing and what can be found inside each one is important for every traveler. Differentiating what goes into luggage and which one is a designated hand-carry can spell the difference between light and heavy travels. Make sure you arrange all of the important things near the front or top of your bag and make note of which bag holds the fragile items for quick identification when it comes to luggage distribution. Having designated travel kits also help things get more organized.
Electronics and wallet storage
You may find yourself holding up the line while trying to put all of your metal-containing electronics and items inside your bag WHILE also having to take off your shoes. To avoid the awkward situation of holding up the line, keep your headphones, wallets, smartphones, cameras, or anything that is remotely electronic or has traces of metal.
Slip-on shoes
No matter what airport you go to, taking off yours shoes is a must! Wearing sneakers or anything with laces may end up costing you precious minutes. If you want to cut your shoe removal time, just wear ones you can easily slip on and off with minimal effort. It’ll be easy to pop them on and off immediately. Try to avoid the adjustable ones with belts or straps and just go for something that’s a little loose.
Tickets and ID’s pouch
It can be tough carrying your tickets, passports and other flight details around while you lug hand-carry items too. You’ll definitely need to use a document organizer or a small pouch that will hold all your important travel documents since most of the time you will be asked to present these on all exit or entry gates the moment you step in the airport.
Avoid metal accessories
Before the day of your flight, wear loose, casual clothes and just avoid any accessories or items that may trigger the electric sensors at the airport. Belts, necklaces, bangles, hair clips, and anything that can attract a magnet. They will slow down your progress by forcing you to take them off. If you insist on having them with you, place it on a pouch or the smallest pocket of your bags.
Start your trip right with these easy and organized approach that are sure to make your airport screening experience hassle-free.