Journeys Made Easy: See More with City Passes

Staying in a major city during your trip to another country? To make the most out of your journey, look into special guided tours or ‘city passes’ that you can get upon arrival. City passes can get you great deals and access to some well-known attractions, sometimes exclusive to that pass. Some perks include being able to get into certain facilities for free or get great discounts on certain services.
city tour map
Not all city passes are made equal, however, as a few of them can be a little pricey. Check beforehand how much the average price ranges of tours in the city are before opting to buy the pass. You may find yourself paying a lot more for the pass than you would have spent setting a course for yourself. That’s because some passes are often bundled in booklets, often including passes to trips you may not even want to go to. Fortunately, there are a variety of passes that feature solo You can find all kinds of passes in local tourism offices or you can buy some online so you can start exploring right away after touchdown.