Global News: Rainy Fun in Thailand, Cruises for 2018, and more!

Old Philippine Jeepneys Phasing Out
In recent developments, the Philippine government is taking steps to slowly discontinue the use of very old jeepneys in an effort to modernize the state of the country’s public transportation. The jeepneys are some of the most inexpensive (around 8 pesos per ride) and colorful mode of travel and has even become a bit of an icon with the locals. Many jeepney owners complain that the prices for new jeepneys are quite pricey. How will this tug of war over transportation end?

Rainy Day Activities in Thailand
Even with the brunt of Thailand’s rainy season, from June to October, tourists can still have a fun, exciting and enriching experience. There are a lot of activities that can be done away from the rain, such as cooking or fruit eating, but some other activities can be done even in the rain, like festivals.

The Pros of Travel Agents for Today
With the jump technology has given modern people these days, it can be easy to assume that something as analog as travel agents can still exist in such a fast-paced world. Contrary to that belief, travel agents are still very much in demand even today. With some perks digital booking cannot recreate, travels booked by human hands can still do a lot for the people in the modern, computer-driven era.

Cruises for Your 2018 Travels
Why should cruises be a part of your 2018 travel plan? It only takes five good reasons to convince you to add these fun-tastic boat tours to your list of global to-do’s for the year! With its affordable prices, no apparent need for passports, and more, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to when you book an aquatic adventure for yourself.
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