What to Wear: Winter Season

Layers or layering is the way to dress up for winter. The most important is the base layer worn tight against the skin which wicks away moisture/sweat from your body. The material of the thermal clothing, mostly made of merino wool and silk, are lightweight and ultra-warm. Other fabrics include the less expensive option like synthetics and cotton, however, the latter is the least effective because while it absorbs but does not wick away moisture.

Thermal clothing
It's the first month of the year and the peak of the winter season for some places. Whichever winter wonderland you're headed to, pick your outfit wise - fashion that functions. Here are 5 basic essentials to pack that will protect you against the cold and let you enjoy your much-loved season:

One of the most versatile winter essentials. It's mostly worn around the neck (or used like a shawl over the shoulder) to keep the warmth or protection against the sun. Cold weather scarves are usually made with wool or cashmere. 

Knit cap
Whether you want to cover a bad hair day or increase the insulation of your head, which is mostly the most exposed part of your body, donning a wool hat is fashion and functionality done right. Coat An outerwear garment usually varies in length - short coat or jackets and long coats or overcoat, used to protect your body from the cold weather. It is designed with a hood or collar, long sleeves, buttons, a zipper, toggles, or a belt that will close down the front. There are a variety of coats, some bulky and huge, others lightweight, that serves its purpose of keeping you warm. What type of coat to get for your winter travel also depends on your destination and type of trip. Usually when spending more time in the outdoors, preferably jackets that are wind and waterproof.

The type of boots you need depends on your destination. Consider the material. It's best to grab a pair that's waterproof for a rainy winter. However, if you're headed to somewhere with deep snow, a heavy, bulky pair with bumps, crevices provide you better grip and traction prevents slipping and sliding outdoors. 

While some are not comfortable wearing one, packing a pair of gloves in your preferred style and material can be life savers in unexpected situations. You can definitely keep your hands in your pocket while outside but donning a pair won't limit you from doing fun and exciting things in the outdoors. A variety of options let you choose from lightweight, breathable, and convenient cotton to finger-less gloves that keeps your hands warm while still giving you access to smartphone use. These cloth hand-covers are stylish, water-resistant when doing activities outdoors, and are much handier than you expect. 

Choosing a winter getaway would usually require bulk packing. You can choose your layers well and avoid having a bulk, simply purchase an extra check-in luggage, or actually shop in your destination, whichever you choose, always keep in mind two things - your budget and staying warm.