Attraction Review: Batanes

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The country's smallest province located off the coast of northern Luzon, in fact, closer to Taiwan than the Philippines. Batanes, an archipelago province, is made up of 10 islands, with only three inhabited, and are scattered across the vast Luzon Strait, while the Bashi Channel in the north separates the islands from Taiwan.
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The three main islands ranked according to size: 1. Batan 2. Itbayat 3. Sabtang
Others are Misanga, Ditarem, Siayan, Dinem, Vuhos, Adekey, and Mavudis, also called Yami, as the northernmost island of Batanes.
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Its six municipalities are Basco, the capital, Mahatao, Ivana, Uyugan, and the island municipalities of Sabtang and Itbayat. From the latest census, it is estimated that Batanes only has a little over 17,000 inhabitants throughout 29 barangays. Batanes is one of the country's most loved destinations, popular for its awe-inspiring landscapes - rolling vast hills grazed by cows, cobblestone houses, dramatic cliffs, and coastlines. Its postcard perfect attractions, especially the beautifully manicured verdant hills, have been compared to that of Salzburg's in Austria, the famous filming location of the Sound of Music.
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Channels that surround the islands are drained by the Philippine Sea in the West thus creating powerful waves and currents that make travels via light sea vessels quite hard. Given its location, it can be considered as a seasonal destination. Batanes is best visited during the summer months, where travelers can enjoy various activities, because of its fairly cool weather compared to other places across the country. Though it still rains throughout the year, expect fair weather during the bright and sunny months from April to June (just before the rainy season begins). Packed with so much history, cultural background, and fascinating sights, this destination is definitely worthy of a spot on every bucket list.