Culture Scope: Neck Rings

Nothing beats traveling to a country where you can learn a lot about the culture, tradition, cuisine, fashion, and people. And while we have seven continents, we can definitely say that the largest one boasts various culture which is certainly admirable. Take Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the countries that display wealth in terms of culture and tradition. Some of the most visited places are the hill tribe villages.
Kayans are a sub-group which belongs to the ethnic minority of Myanmar. The war between Kerenni separatists and the Burmese army about two decades ago caused some of the residents to flee and go to Thailand and the kingdom granted them a temporary stay. The residents in the northern part of Thailand are mostly known as Padaung, and women of this tribe wear brass neck coils. Why? Simple. Because it's a tradition.
Brass neck coils usually weigh 25 pounds, which depress the shoulder and chest, creating the illusion of disembodied head. Women begin to wear it from early childhood. They add more coils annually as they themselves gain weight. They say that the longer the neck appears, the more beautiful a woman looks like.
Over half a dozen of these hill tribes still exist in the Northern Thailand and the Chiang Mai province. Have you seen one from your previous trips to Thailand and Myanmar? Tell us your experience!

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