Filipino Food Pick: Buko Pie

buko pie

Whenever Filipinos travel to a new place, we buy souvenirs to take something home with us as reminders of our travels and the foods we ate to give our family and friends so they can try the delicacies we were able to taste.
One example is the famous Buko Pie. It is a traditional Filipino specialty from Los BaƱos, Laguna. It is one of the best Filipino desserts! Buko pie's unique characteristic is its flaky crust while the buko slices inside the pie are tasty and creamy. It is easy to box up and is one of the popular take-home presents people can bring back home with them.
buko pie
It is similar to a cream pie but is baked with coconut meat instead and uses condensed milk as a sweetener while various ingredients can also be added like pandan and vanilla for flavoring. It pairs well with hot coffee.
Over the years, Filipino bakers have offered different variations of the buko pie, like making smaller cupcake-like shapes. Aside from being a delicious dessert, it also has health benefits because coconut is rich in protein and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Calcium to name a few.
The pies are also pretty popular as a holiday dessert to be eaten along with staple holiday dishes like Lechon, ham, fruit salad, queso de bola, and more. No matter where you come from, Buko Pie is a delicacy that you and your Filipino family will definitely love.
buko pie

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