Global News: Japan's Iconic Blossoms, Snow in Rome, and more!

Japan’s Iconic Blossoms
The soft shower of the pale pink petals as the wind blows is often a common sight in the Japanese springtime. Cherry Blossom watching is often a loved pastime when the buds finally blossom and the trees across the country are clothed in an enchanting pink blush. These “flower viewing parties” often have people laying blankets and packing food to be shared with friends and family while sitting back and relaxing in view of spring unfolding.

Travel Guide: Hanoi 101
The capital of Vietnam is on the rise and is becoming one of the most visited destinations of among
neighboring Southeast Asian countries. There’s more to Vietnam than the majestic Halong Bay and
the historic Ho Chi Minh. With Hanoi on your bucket list, here are some things to do that’ll surely make
your upcoming visit one worthy of a story.

Who’s the most powerful passport of the world?
Putting Germany in second place and sharing the spot with Singapore with the title as the most
powerful passport of the world is South Korea. Holders of these two passports have the advantage of
visiting 162 countries visa-free, according to the 2018 Global Passport Power Rank.

Brand New Archaeological Finds in Philippines
New archaeological discoveries can still be made even in the modern era of today. Recently, a dog skeleton with a spinal deformity was found buried close to the remains of a small child. This indicated that the early Filipino’s had concepts of animal companionship very early on and that it may have been custom to bury the animal close to their loved ones. The lack of any sign of brutality on the animal’s remains rule them out from being food or hunted creatures, but scientists cannot be entirely sure if the pet theory is the only reason why the animal was buried there. Who knows what information about the past this new dig might reveal in the current time.

Rare Snowstorm Renders Rome Instagrammable
A rare and snowstorm may seem like a rain on anybody's parade, but the Romans knew how to turn the sudden snowfall into an instagram-worthy backdrop for their online photos. Trending on the internet, powdery landscapes of once-summery-looking locales and tourist attractions paint quite the picture and make people dream of visiting the scenes while the cold blanket of snow still lasts.