Global News: Ways to Explore Singapore, Instagram-friendly Macau Sites, and more!

10 Ways to experience Singapore
Singapore remains one of the most visited global destinations. While a walk to see the Merlion and staying at the ever popular Marina Bay Sands may seem too mainstream now, there are still a multitude of things to do while there. How about going on a trip to its cultural neighborhood, getting an authentic taste of the local delicacies, and experiencing its top attractions from a different perspective? Here are more ways on how you can fully immerse yourself in the Singaporean life.

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Must-haves for the Techie Traveler
You wanna make sure you have everything you need while on the go. It is important to pack the proper necessities in order to avoid travel mishaps. And in this day and age, whether or not you’re a fan of the technological advancement, you can’t help but be equipped with gadgets that offer both convenience and fun. Apart from the iconic portable power banks and mobile hotspot, find out what else you need to grab every time you hit the road.
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Macau’s Instagram-friendly Heritage Site
Despite the glitz, glamour, and the modern life that makes Macau a tourist hotspot, this destination also boasts a charm that takes you back in time. A visit to some of its photographic heritage hotspots is like traveling back in time. Not only does it gives off a historic vibe, but it makes for an interesting backdrop or subject for your personal online photo albums. Explore these blasts from the past and record your memories for all to see on the world wide web.
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Asian Starbucks Receiving “Color-changing” Coffee
Available exclusively to Asia, Starbucks is getting colorful with its new ice cold coffee product. The Butterfly Lemonade Cold Brew is a palette of a drink, with blue, pale yellow, and brown mixed in a single cup. It is made with the store’s signature coffee at the top, lemonade in the middle, then the bluish butterfly pea flower tea at the bottom. When the lemonade and butterfly pea flower Tea are mixed, a lush violet color emerges. This makes for a drink that is visually astounding with an experimental and unique flavor.
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