Mango Beat: 5 New Thanksgiving Traditions to Start This Year

Thanksgiving traditions are usually about delightful feasts and reunions, but why not shake things up this year and create new ones with these fun and exciting ideas:
As the cold season draws near, places where winter wonderland is in full swing offer an alternative approach to celebrating the holiday. Since November isn’t peak season yet, traveling to snowy places can mean straying from the mainstream Thanksgiving destinations, thus lesser crowds. So, whether you’re high up the sierras of the US (California, Utah and Colorado), or the Alps of Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France), early-season skiing could be a fun Snow-vember activity to share with family and friends.
Time traveling
Travel back in time to the mid-1600s and relive the history of Thanksgiving. Plymouth, Massachusetts, being a prime destination for this holiday, offers the authentic experience through role-playing, be entertained by centuries-old psalms and songs over a harvest feast with “pilgrims” and historians who will share with you the bountiful history of this much-celebrated holiday.
Joining parades
Find yourself amazed by the colorful and lively Macy’s Parade in New York City, one of the most vibrant displays of floats, humongous balloons, theater performers and marching bands in celebration of Thanksgiving. One that is believed to be the oldest spectacle, the Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade, has been an annual event since it first started in 1920. On the other hand, Chicago also has a popular tradition dating back to 1934 – the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade.
Thanksgiving isn’t always about having a feast with large groups; sharing gratitude can also be done while exploring the outdoors and taking in the beauty of nature. A holiday hike in national parks, a walk in the woods, or lakeside trips can be a fun, new tradition to start. Sometimes the perfect way to give thanks is a moment alone as being one with nature gives you a profound feeling of being blessed with the many wonderful things that surround you.
Giving back
Apart from sharing a feast with family, giving back is also a wonderful way of showing gratitude this holiday. Offer up a seat at your dinner table, visit a retirement home, volunteer with or donate to animal shelters, lend a hand at or join in Thanksgiving fundraising events. Whether it’s as simple as extending your blessings to those in need through donation (clothes, food and basic essentials), or writing a check, giving back offers a more meaningful and profound way to celebrate the essence of this holiday.
Anything new brings about excitement! So, however you, your family and friends plan to celebrate this festive day, it’s all about giving thanks and being able to share the wonders of Thanksgiving.

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