Monthly Trivia

It’s that time of year where giving, sharing, peace, and holiday cheer spread across the world for this well-loved holiday season. We give you some entertaining trivia and fun facts for you to think about while enjoying your time off:
  • Celebrities with birthdays during December include Lucy Liu (Dec. 2), Taylor Swift (Dec. 13), Brad Pitt (Dec. 18), Samuel L. Jackson (Dec. 21), Jared Leto (Dec. 26), and Alison Brie (Dec. 29)
  • The Star signs that prominent within the month are Sagittarius and Capricorn
blue topaz
  • The month’s birthstone is either Blue Topaz or Turquoise and the birth flower is the Narcissus
  • On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks became one of the most well-known african-american figure to oppose racial segregation after refusing to give up her seat in the “colored section” after the white-only areas became full
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is attacked on December 7,1941
  • December 10, 1901 Was the date when the Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded, the very first one going Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt
  • Babies born on December 11 were conceived on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Winter is said to officially begin on December 21 or 22
  • The name ‘December’ comes from the Latin word ‘decem’ which means ‘ten’. It is the 10th month of the Roman calendar
  • It may be surprising to note that Saint Nicholas, the person who would be called Santa Claus, was actually a patron saint of children, repentant thieves, and pawnbrokers
  • The things you put on your Christmas tree have meaning behind them: candles represent the light of the world, the star on the top is a far-flung throwback to the nativity star, and candy canes represent a shepherd's cane, one of Jesus’ visitors upon his birth.

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