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Cebu’s Sinulog Festival is a fun and beautiful event that’s all about colors, dancing, beats and praise for Sto. Nino. But it can be a little confusing what to do when it comes to celebrating this large and oftentimes chaotic fiesta. We give you a quick list of experiences and thoughts on what Sinulog is to people and what kind of things you can try out while celebrating it.
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Things to do in Sinulog Festival?
There are definitely a lot of things to see and do while exploring the fun of the bright and energetic Sinulog Festival. Start off by taking your excitement to the big Sinulog parade where guests are often asked to take part and join in the dance. You can also enjoy the sights around Cebu itself, exploring the historic beauty of it all. Once everything is said and done, party with the locals in the after-party! There are also a lot of amazing and colorful kinds of souvenirs and delicacies to take home with you once the party is over, so don’t miss your chance to get something you really want.
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Tips for a better Experience on a Sinulog Festival?
While Sinulog may seem like all fun and games, there are times when things can get a little crazy. Try to keep these handy tips in mind to make celebrating a little easier. First off, wear some comfy shoes to make sure you can walk and dance for as long as you can. Since you’ll be under the sun for long periods, don’t forget to put on some strong sunscreen to protect your skin. As for clothes, wear something comfy and easy to move in and avoid flimsy party clothes since you’ll be surrounded by people who will be bumping into you. Finally, don't forget to stay hydrated while keeping everything you have in a secure and hard-to-open bag.
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What is the Sinulog Festival to people?
Many of the locals express their love for the exciting Festival for many reasons. To some religious folk and Sto. Nino fanatics, it's a time to share their love for the child Jesus and to sing praises to the Lord. For others, it's nice to celebrate a once-a-year event that spices up the usual boring cycle of events. Most of the time, tourists see it as a big party worth visiting the region for. There are definitely a lot of reasons to take a trip to Cebu during this time, but there are definitely no wrong ones.
In conclusion, a little preparation and knowledge are needed to make sure you fully enjoy your adventures in this annual celebration of faith and dance. Once you’re well-equipped, you’ll be less likely to worry and put more of your time enjoying the sights and activities happening around you.

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