Styles for the Travel Seasons

Much like the weather of the different seasons in countries across the world, your wardrobe has to
adapt to the given season or vibe of the place you’ll be traveling to. If you’re a little clueless what to
wear for the atmosphere of your upcoming journey, let this guide help you decide what to pack in your
luggage to save time and space on necessary clothing options.

For for the forests
Forests settings can feel very earthy and relaxing, but tiny creatures and bugs belong to the thick, emerald expanse of trees, plants, and flowers. A cotton jacket or hoodie is ideal to keep your arms from becoming insect food while some flexible pants that go to your ankles will keep your legs protected from creepy crawlies or irritable plant life. Socks are pretty essential here too since they keep your feet from blistering while making sure your feet and shoes are bug-free. The trick is to keep covered so your body is safe from buzzers and scratchy branches.

Summer Styles
If you’re planning to step into the sunny side, you’ll do well to leave thick shirts, blouses, and pants back
home. Aim for very thin, and breathable fabrics while opting for very light  shades of color so you absorb
less heat. But make sure you have some a light jackets or scarves to keep your skin shielded from
intense sun and also never forget to wear a layer of sunscreen. This can work for desert settings as well.

Wintry Wear
Unlike tropical outfits, you need to layer up for the frosty destinations like up in icy mountains or during winter
time in certain countries. Dark colors help absorb  what little heat the meager sunlight can provide and
it helps define your silhouette in white blanket of snow in case of emergencies (like if you injure
yourself a little ways off of your group.)

Rainproof ensemble
If you’re an adventurous soul, rainy or stormy seasons isn’t enough to hinder your trips. Fend off the
weather with a large and waterproofed jacket. It helps to have bags that repel water along with a pair
of sturdy, waterproof shoes. If you’re feeling especially confident, taking a pair of boots with you helps.
On the inside of the coat, however, keep things on the light side so you won’t feel weighed down by
the precipitation.

Mountain Man/Ma’am
A little similar to Forest/Camping wear with a bit of a twist. Mountain hikes and trips can be a bit tricky
to prep for because you need to be versatile. Depending on the area and situation, you may want to
switch between clothes that help handle heat and chill. Find stretchy pants that reach to your thighs or
long shorts so you can protect your knees and legs from the rocks. You can opt to wear a tank top to
keep cool when it’s hot, but bring a thick nylon jacket for the cold morning temperatures. A beanie or
hat is great for regulating the cold on your ears while protecting your head from burning sunlight.

Dress to impress even during your vacation time! The right outfits can really make or break certain
travel conditions so never take them for granted. By packing all the right outfits, you’ll prepare yourself
for any weather-borne obstacles and inconveniences that will come your way.