Tasty Italian Treats, Open Fire Herbal Spa, and more

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Off-the-Radar Resto’s with Tasty Italian Treats

Fancy doesn’t always mean tasty, especially when it comes to the zesty and flavorful Italian cuisine. Even the little sideline bistros and ristorantes can serve food that will make even the fanciest of travelers drool with delight at the delectable flavors. Skip the fine dining and enjoy your next Italian meal in some amazing, low-key food places in Italy.

Singapore Train Line Opening Offers Free Rides

All kinds of travelers in Singapore will be able to enjoy riding on the Downtown Line (DTL) on Oct 21 and Oct 22 to mark the opening of DTL3. This means that passengers will be able to traverse between different stations and cover a large area of ground across the map, making easy, quick, and more importantly, affordable. Try planning your Singapore trips to include those two days to save on train fares and travels!
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Best of European Art Exhibits for Autumn 2017

If you’ve been bitten by the art bug this fall, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit and explore these European art displays and exhibits! Featuring all kinds of art forms and styles in a multitude of locations, there’s definitely room to widen your horizons about the visual arts in each of these places.
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Enjoy an Open Fire Herb Spa in the Philippines

What makes a tropical experience more memorable aside from great food and spectacular beaches? Well, of course, a natural herbal spa in a paradise setting. And it’s not just going for a dip in a regular heated tub or pool, imagine rivers AND a warm bowl of soup heated on open fire! With many travelers enjoying this experience in the Philippines’ Antique province (a two-hour drive from Boracay), you are guaranteed of safety concerns.

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