Top 10 Destinations to Fall in Love With

February, aside from being the month of love, is the time of the year when it is warmest in some parts of the world whereas winter is coming to a close in other places. With streets being lined with red lanterns and filled with the beating of drums by the spirited Chinese New Year parades (which makes this month even more exciting!), who knows, maybe one of these places is bound to give you the amazing adventures you’ve been longing for.

1. Venice
Vibrant is how you describe Venice in February. With the Carnevale season happening, it’s the perfect time to get a feel of this much-loved Italian city at its liveliest. From fascinating balls and parades, to live music performances, food fairs, and the most anticipated mask and costume contests, one is promised to an unforgettable and mesmerizing getaway in Venice.

2. Melbourne
The fine February climate brings out the charm in one of the most visited destinations of Australia. One could be enjoying a morning stroll at the parks then chill at the boutique cafes or rooftop bars at night. Either way, the city's ideal weather and relaxing vibe makes for a perfectly laid-back escape from the bustling scene of your monotonous everyday life.

3. Singapore 
The end of monsoon time marks the official start of travel season in the home of the Merlion, just in time for the lanterns, pulsating parades to the rhythmic beating of drums, and dancing dragons aka the grand celebration of Chinese New Year. If the lively atmosphere of this festivity doesn't tickle one's fancy, enjoy the cultural diversity on visits to the different neighborhoods that make this modern city one of the world's best travel destinations.

4. London
While Rome and Paris are major draws during this month, why not explore England's capital? Both couples happily in love or those embracing the single-status life will love the classic English charm of its architecture, lovely parks, quaint streets, buzzing cafe scenes, and irresistible culinary treats. These places and attractions are sure to make every visit a delightful one.

5. Amsterdam
The cheapest time to enjoy winter in Amsterdam is during this month. Snowballs, bright lights at night, ice skating, and thinner crowds let you explore the pretty streets at your own pace. There are also fun winter markets that sell warm drinks, delightful goodies, and many other lovely things that will certainly make for one cozy retreat.

6. Marrakesh
Nothing says mesmerizing quite like Morocco's Marrakesh. Its frenetic souqs, artisan heritage, palaces, mansion, gardens, and exotic Moroccan fare promise to take you to a whole new world. The months of January-February lets one experience this amazing city at a more enjoyable pace with its mild weather and a slight chance of rainfall.

7. Vietnam
Head to a tropical haven in Southeast Asia where beaches are underrated. One will never have enough of its array of exciting activities - beach-side dining, surfing, engaging in water sport activities, cruising the seas of Asia, and historic and cultural immersion. An escape to the warm sun, fascinating shores, and cool waters of this destination doesn't sound bad at all for both lovers and group travelers.

8. Edinburgh
Whether it’s traveling back in time or reminiscing the good old days, Scotland’s capital and the charm it holds will definitely give you a nostalgic feel. Edinburgh, with its rich culture and expansive history depicted through the many museums, monuments, and other historical attractions flawlessly blends with the contemporary life. What better way can one spend the month of love than with nostalgia travels, right?

9. Taiwan
Formerly called Formosa, this beautiful country offers a breathtaking escape into the wonders of nature. From its many national parks, boasting of a variety of outdoor experiences, delicious street foods from milk tea to xiao long bao, bustling night markets, and the month-long fun of the Chinese New Year, a trip to Taiwan is an entirely different adventure worth taking.

10. New Zealand
For the lovers of the outdoors, New Zealand is indeed a haven. With February as the warmest month to visit Aotearoa, its Maori name, activities await travelers seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Sail, climb, bike, or simply immerse in its historic culture through museum visits, or by exploring the urban life. There’s a reason this country ranks high on the list of must-visit places this year.

Whichever destination you choose to take, always remember to put your heart into it. Live the moment and take it all in, because to celebrate your love of travel, every journey you take should be better than the last.