Travel Treats: Takoyaki

Do you have a love for street food? They’re often popular for their portability and ease of cooking,
while also being cheap and delicious. In Japan, there is a well-loved snack called takoyaki, or octopus
balls, which are easy-to-carry but also quite delicious. First conceived in 1935, the flavor and texture
of this snack is so distinct that there are takoyaki flavored snacks and chips available in the market

It starts off with wheat flour batter as a base poured into a special pan-like cooker with half ball-shaped
nodes. Once the batter is poured, a few chunks of octopus are dropped into it. Sometimes, chopped
vegetables are added as well. After it has cooked for a while, it is then turned over with a pick to allow
the wheat batter on the other side to rise and make up the other half of the ball.

When served, the takoyaki is often lined up in small cardboard containers, poured with a savory brown
sauce, spring onions, mayonnaise and some thin bonito flakes. When cooked well, it will have a nice
and crunchy outer shell, brown in color, with a soft center. Be careful because the center often retains
the heat and can be quite hot to the touch. People who buy it are given toothpicks or a small stick to
poke at the takoyaki and eat it. It makes for a delicious seafood snack to eat at your leisure.