10 Productive Things to Do During Holy Week

It's less than a month before Holy Week! While it might be a holi-yay for most people, this could be a great time to do worthwhile things which we hardly fulfill on normal days. To give you an idea, here are ten things to maximize your 4-day break:

Go home and be with family

Holy Week can be a great time to bond with your family and relatives. Since we often spend most of our time in the office or school, it's our chance to catch up with them. Tell them about your new hobbies or your upcoming travels over a delectable meal. Listen to your grandmother's timeless stories about the good ol' days. You might find yourself missing how you listened to them with your cousins.

Travel with friends

If you and your friends won't be going home to any family gathering, plan a quick escape to a nearby beach, or go on a day hike on a nearby mountain. It doesn't have to be fancy as long as you are with the people who make your stomach hurt with jokes! Besides, great memories do not come just from grand experiences but are also made with great people in your life.

Read good books

Holy Week could also be a great time to widen your vocabulary by reading good books. A classic by Shakespeare or a New York Times bestseller are some fun choices to have around. It’s best to have a goal on the number of books you can finish during this short free time. You’re sure to get back to your daily work grind feeling refreshed and inspired because of the worlds you’ve visited through the books you read.

Catch up with a series

These are the days when you can declare that sleep is for the weak because you’ll be able to finally finish those shows you’ve been putting off. You can also catch up on something where you can learn a lot, such as cooking shows, documentaries, or historical programs. Prepare yourself for sleepless nights!

Go offline

When was the last time you heard a real bird chirping? Or went out just to admire how the sky looks like? Try to do a digital detox by going offline for a couple of days (It won't hurt your follower count, promise!) Holy Week is the best chance to appreciate the things around us that we sometimes take for granted. Don’t forget that there's a real (and amazing) world beyond our phone screens and computers.

Declutter and Organize
Organizing and decluttering are two of the many things we fail to accomplish during the busy schedules. But with a couple of days off your daily grind? It’s the best time to get your house (and life) in order!

Write a story
If you are fond of daydreaming about tales and stories, grab your writing tools and pull that fable from your head and onto paper. You’ll have four days or so to create a short story which you can keep for yourself or publish online for others to see. Just put whatever epic fantasy is playing in your mind and edit it out after giving it a nice, long read.

Love to learn new things? Spend your holiday studying topics that have interested you. There are numerous websites and mobile applications which offer FREE courses. You might just discover new facts and skills you never knew before. Check them out here.

Let the inner artist in you come out! Express what you’re feeling through quick sketches or even by painting. You don’t have to be the next picasso or paint Mona Lisa’s in your spare time. Just draw things that you like or inspire you as a person.

The most important thing to do during this holiday is reflect on the reason why we have Holy Week. It’s a time to remember what Jesus Christ did to redeem mankind more than two millennia ago. He died on the cross to save us from our own sinfulness and He rose from the dead to prove that He was the Son of God, and that there is life after death as long as we believe in Him and have the faith.

We only mentioned ten, but there will always be more. Remember, just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean we’re going to be idle for the rest of the week. Enjoy your holi-yay!