Getting Around Intramuros

A stroll within the grounds of Intramuros never gets old, especially on a fine day. Apart from walking around, what other ways can you explore the historic area that lies within the heart of modern Manila? Here are three ways.

Nothing says ‘old-school’ like a kalesa ride around this historic landmark. Horse-drawn carriages are something the Filipino culture has adopted from the early Spanish colonizers back in the 18th century. This form of transportation, which used to be a status symbol, was widely used by the higher ranked in society. Though the bygone days have long passed, the kalesa is one of the vintage charms that makes this walled city uniquely appealing.

Imagine a bicycle with side compartment, a cycle rickshaw if you will. That is the pedicab. All the locals recognize this small-scale three-wheel mode of transport, operated by human-powered pedaling, in the Philippines. It has a variety of names in different places like bikecab, bike taxi, and more.

A three-wheeled electric vehicle, popularly called e-trike, is a bit similar to the traditional tricycle, except bigger and more powerful with a simpler in design. With more convenient seating space, tourists can enjoy getting from point-to-point attractions quicker and with ease. Step into a time machine at the 13 e-trike stops strategically located within the grounds of this walled city.

And there's the bambike - bikes made out of the aforementioned bamboo. Renting these locally-handmade bikes help provide the local community with a form of livelihood. Picture an experience that lets you see the rich history of your destination through an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Pretty awesome, right? Since its important for one to be a responsible traveler and support the local economy, the bambike is the perfect mode of exploration for socially and environmentally-conscious tourists.

Whatever way you plan on taking for your adventure around the walled city, make sure to have fun and live in the moment. If there’s one thing this landmark has to offer it’s the one-of-a-kind nostalgia that takes you back in time.