Global News: Eco-friendly Beaches, Touring Vienna, and more!

Southeast Asia’s Eco-Friendly Beaches
Don’t you just hate it when big businesses turn a natural paradise into a resort-ridden money trap? Not only does it square away the nature aspect of the surrounding areas while sometimes promoting wasteful littering on the beach or abuse of local resources. Fortunately, there are still quite a handful of untouched and eco-friendly beaches still out there that we can protect.

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Soakin’ it up in Asia
Who doesn’t love the idea of bathing in some warm water? It soothes tired muscles, envelopes you in a comforting warmth, and makes you feel refreshingly clean all at the same time. Natural hot springs often take it a step further by adding some minerals that can relieve medical conditions and give you great skin. If all-natural bathing is what you seek, seek adventures in the beautiful hotspring hotspots around Asia.
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Season for Vienna: When to Visit
Ever wanted to visit the beautiful city of Vienna in Italy? Even if you’re excited, picking the right time to travel there may prove very rewarding in the long run. Each of the four seasons can drastically transform the scenery while the vibe changes with the atmosphere. What kind of season do you want to check out this wondrous land in?

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Spring Break: Less Beach, More Adventures
Spring Break is a time when you drop the books and the workload for a short while and just enjoy some time off for a change. But the big adventure for this coming vacation time doesn’t seem to be occupying the beach this year. Instead, people are flying to many different European and Asian destinations to culturally enrich themselves, foregoing they typical sand and see that spring breakers rush to for the past few years. 

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Alternative Adventures in Tokyo
You’ve visited the temples, the cherry blossoms, the kimono-wearing employees near the old castles. Japan can be a pretty diverse place, but tours and travel itineraries sometimes do not explore the more quirky and ‘different’ aspects of the vibrant city of Tokyo, the Japanese capital. It might take some digging into, but seeing the rarely seen sights outside of the idyllic Japanese tour is worth the effort.

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