Global News: March Destinations, PH Hotels rank on Forbes and more!

Where to Next: March destinations
Get your fresh start in travel this month on March! With so many amazing destinations to explore in this wild and wide planet we call earth,there are quite a number of places you can check out to sate your thirst for adventure. Some of the places that are perfect to visit during March include, Buenos Aires, Chicago, the Philippines, and a few more! So the next time you have an itch for a new and exciting journey, keep a few of these in-season travels in mind.

Travel trends: Business + leisure
With millennials creating new markets and demands left and right, it's no surprise that their influences have reached the travel market as well. Travel businesses, from clothing to accommodations, have been diversifying their services to better suit the needs of the new generation of entrepreneurs. Nowadays you’ll see the increase of travel deals and packages that promote leisure even if the aim of the trip is business.

For people who are looking for luxury during their stay in the Philippines, be on the lookout for three prominent hotel names that have taken their spot in the list of 5-star ranking hotels. It’s no easy feat to make it on the list, but these 3 hotels (Nüwa at City of Dreams Manila, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, and Sky Tower at Solaire Resort and Casino) have all proven that they are worthy of garnering such a prestigious title.

Asian Sightseeing by Train
 Have you ever wanted to see the majesty and wonder of Asia at a leisurely pace? Well now you can with relaxing train travels from point A, China, to point B, Vietnam. You’ll get to observe and experience two different cultures the way locals do and take in a memorable and authentic experience for yourself.