Guest Traveler: Traverse Taiwan (part 2)

Continuation of Day 2 (until Day 4, our early morning departure for Manila) Despite the light rains, we carried on with our walking tour of the Taroko National Park. The park which features grand canyons, steep cliffs, marble rocks, caves, and the Liwu River, is among the top attractions of Taiwan and is home to a wide range of wildlife. Given its varied elevations, the park serves as host to a large number of plant species.

To conclude the day's trip to Hualien, we visited the mochi factory before taking our train ride back to Taipei. It was again another opportunity for us to go around the city until midnight, and this time we took the MRT to visit a friend.

Day 3
Right after we checked out of our hotel, we spent the rest of the afternoon going around the city. Since our flight back to Manila was at 4 am. We decided to go on a spontaneous tour which involves taking the Taipei MRT. Our first destination was the iconic Taipei 101. 

During our stay, the weather was mostly overcast and rainy but it didn't stop us from our own little adventures. Despite the weather condition and being told there was only 20% visibility from the observatory deck, we took the 37-second elevator ride to the 89th floor. True enough there was little to no views at all, but with the quick movement of the clouds, we somehow got a quick peek at the city below.

While some refer to the prominent square in Zhongzheng District as Liberty Square, it is popularly known as Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and only five stations away from Taipei 101. It hosts three major landmarks the famous Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall at the east, the National Concert Hall on the north, and National Theater on the south.

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