Padding Your Fragile Luggage

Want your fragile items to reach your destination safe and sound? You might be surprised to find out that, even with a ‘fragile’ sticker, luggage items are often treated the same. Due to time constraints and some cases where passengers are late in boarding their flights, the people who handle the transfers of baggage have to do their work in a very quick and sometimes rough manner. During these times, fragile stickers may be overlooked since these handlers don’t have the luxury of checking every side of the luggage for every incoming flight.

Instead of relying on these stick-on warning signs, make it a habit to pad your breakables yourself. Invest in a hard-shelled traveling bag so you can be assured that your stuff will be protected by a nice, hard carapace. No need to invest in bubble wrap either, as you can use your clothes as a means of lessening the occasional impact damage. For all your sensitive items (laptops, tablets, bottles, containers) just stick them between the folds of your favorite sweater, jacket, or thick shirt. 

You can stick smaller items like make-up bottles or plastic holders inside socks or small towels if you don’t already have a small pouch to keep them in. Make sure your electronics are not bunched up together too closely and loosely or you might find out that they bumped and scratched against one another through the course of the trip.

When it comes to keeping your things safe from the jostling of your travel adventures, you have as much responsibility in making sure your things are prepped as the people handling luggage do. Once you’ve assured yourself that everything is secure, you’ll feel relieved knowing your breakables or sensitive items will be safe during the journey.