Travel far and wide not to see places but to share stories

Got exciting travel stories to share? We're on the lookout for people who can submit write-ups that fellow-travelers like you would be interested in reading.

Submission guidelines and requirements:
• We'd like to hear about personal travel stories with real-life experiences and lessons learned. Write-ups featuring hotel/resort accommodation, restaurants, and other travel/leisure-related destinations are very much welcome and should include related links/resources. Feature write-ups must be 300-500 words only.
• Write-ups should come with good-quality photos that are original and owned by you.
• Email your submission in a Word file and attach accompanying photos to the email.
• Send your entries to with subject line: My Travel Story

Agreement policy:
• I understand that Mango Tours can use my write-up/review for free. Should my write-up be accepted, there is no payment offered.
• I give Mango Tours full permission to run my write-up on all their marketing platforms - this includes but is not limited to their website and social media, print, and TV.
• I guarantee and verify that the write-up, together with the photos, that I submit is created and/or owned by me.

With the story you will share, apart from letting your stories be heard, you are also able to:
• Gain recognition through exposure via various social media platforms
• Support your destination in the travel industry
• Share reliable advice and suggestions to other travelers
• Promote local and international journeys
• Widen your connections within your travel network