Travel Tips: Avoiding Bad Traveling Habits

Nobody wants to be next to or be a rude traveler, but sometimes the stress and chaos of travel can be
too much. Being tired, hungry, and inconvenienced can prey on a person’s personality and can turn them
into very bitter individuals. What are the little ways travelers can be negative (yourself included)? Check
these tiny tip-offs.

Hogging Space
An airport is a busy place, whether its a weekend or a weekday. With so many people boarding and
waiting by the hour, it can be hard to find yourself a comfy place to sit in while you wait. Unfortunately,
some people forget what a public place the airport can be and plop their bags right where another
person could easily rest after a long wait in line to check-in.

Rude at Restaurants
You can really tell a lot about a person by how they treat others. This is especially notable in
establishments like airport restaurants where it is often busy with the shifting of passengers throughout
the day. Whether you’re stressed out by your travels or not, it’s not a good enough reason to undermine
or complain out loud to the busy staff, especially if they haven’t done anything wrong.

Pushy Tendencies
Sometimes, you’ll see those travelers who are very pushy about how things are handled in an airport
area. Maybe they’ll complain about certain security procedures, about which bags are allowed as hand-carry,
or maybe they’ll demand a service which is not available for them on their intended flight. Nobody likes a
pushy traveler, especially since everybody is just as tired as anybody else at the airport.

Ignore complaints
Complaints, when done right and respectfully, can be a great way to call out a person on their faults. But
stubborn and stressed travelers may butt heads a lot harder when provoked with warnings. Travelers
should always keep their cool unless they want to blow up a small matter which could easily have been
solved with common sense and understanding.

Line Cutting
There are a lot of different lines travelers often have to wait in while at the airport: Lines to the entrance,
check-in lines, lines at the luggage carousel, and lining up during a boarding procedure. There’s nothing
more rude and disruptive to an orderly line than a group of travelers cutting in line

Always remain calm and try to have the patience to think things through. Like a Snickers commercial,
you’re not you when you’re stressed, whether it’s caused by hunger or something else entirely. Responding
aggressively and negatively to a rude individual can definitely escalate the situation even further.