Travel Tips: Gems for Your Journey

Early men have often believed that gemstones and crystals held the power to influence fate, protect from dark forces, empower our strongest traits, or even heal illnesses or injuries. Even today, people still make charms or jewelry with these precious stones, telling people of their mystic properties when wearing them. If you have faith on these bejeweled baubles giving you an added boost during your journey, here are some you might want to take with you on your upcoming journeys.

Called “the Traveler’s Stone” way back when due to its nature of protecting those who travel over water and in
the nighttime. It is generally a stone that harbors good luck to the holder and provides relief from jet lag. The
cloudy, iridescent shine of the buffed and polished gem looks as beautiful and as dreamy as its namesake that
goes well against black.

The pretty shade of violet from this beautiful crystal borders between youthful and mature, depending on how
it is cut and worn.  It is one of the most popular and traditional of stones that are still used to this day. Having
it near you will repel negative energy and unseen attacks from psychics and thieves. It will also invite a cooperative
spirit in the wearer, essential for travels.

Given its name and its water-like hue, aquamarines are ideal to have around when traveling above or on bodies
of water. Keeping it on you is said to calm like the soft lapping of the ocean, eliminating seasickness and calming
your sailing stress. With its soft color and brilliant clarity when polished, it’s a perfect accompaniment to any
simple, white dress or ensemble.

Black Tourmaline
This classy black gem can really draw the eyes on a light colored outfit and give an air of allure or mystery when
worn right. It’s also useful as a crystal ward, protecting its bearer from wild and negative energies from the
travelers around them. It’s enchanting no matter how you look at it.

This swirling green beauty of a stone is said to be especially helpful in airplanes, staving vertigo or flight anxiety,
and on roads like freeways, shielding the wearer from potential accidents. It’s even been spoken in legend that
they would crumble when danger closes in on the holder. Whether it will crumble or not, it looks amazing when
worn as a ring, earrings, or a brooch.

What kinds of gems and stones do you wear when traveling? You might find out interesting facts about
how they are said to protect and shield you from harm. But even enchanted artifacts can be stolen when
not minded carefully. Always make sure you keep an eye on your valuables and hide your accessories
under lock and key when you aren’t wearing them during your trip.