Travel Tips: Global Trinkets and Baubles

Souvenirs are a staple for a country’s tourism and serve as a reminder of the kind of place you’ve
been to. While many of these trinkets and baubles are decorative in nature, they stand out well
enough to be recognized as memorable items you’ve acquired during an adventure to an exotic
place. Here are some  

Sungka board (Philippines)
Sungka is a traditional game played in the Philippines that is similar to Mancala where numbers
and calculating before making your move is important. These sungka boards are often made of
local wood and painted with traditional or tribal accents. It’s a fun piece to display at home when
you aren’t playing a game with some small cowrie shells or hard beans.

Silk (China)
Silk has been a very popular cloth type due to its smoothness and softness, but it’s also very hard to
clean and delicate. You’ll find no better place to stock up on products that use this soft-surfaced cloth
other than China. Buy a nice cloth or go all out with a full Chinese dress or shirt made of the stuff.

Japan (Kokeshi Dolls)
These colorful, hand-painted wood dolls exude many aspects of the traditional Japanese culture.
These limbless playthings will definitely bring a feel of eastern culture no matter where you put them.
From long, tube-like shapes  to shapely curves, there are all kinds of different types for you to check
out yourself.

Colorful Skulls (Mexico)
One of the most famous aspects about Mexico is their dedication to family and their adoration for
those that came before them, both celebrated during the festival of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the
Dead). These skull decorations may seem a bit intimidating (if not spooky) at first, but their bright
colors and popping designs really carry the vibrancy you can find within the Mexican regions.

Painted Clogs (Netherlands)
As iconic as the windmills and cheese that are native to the region, clogs are a well-known Dutch
invention that was made as a response to the country being below water level and ruining normal
shoes. Nowadays, this fanciful footwear will often be painted and decorated to make a neat little
reminder of your time there.

What other fun little trinkets can you think of that are exclusive to your favorite countries? It can be fun
to bring a small piece of the place you visited back home and tell the stories behind them. Someday,
when you can’t travel as much as you can now, you’ll be able to look at these little treasures and spark
an exciting memory from where you got it.